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We are involved in manufacturing of microscopes which are precision with precision engineering. we make use of good lenses offering maximum visibility. biological microscopes are accurately made to carry out all operations with correctly. We also offer inverted microscopes.
We offer various range of microscopes like biological microscopes, inverted microscopes, inverted biological microscopes, fluorescent microscopes, gem micoscope, polarized microscopes, reflected microscopes, stereo microscopes, video microscopes and digital usb microscopes with following specifications :

Biological Microscopes

Biological Microscopes

MVP-L3000 .series biological microscopes are equipped with plan achromatic objectives and wide field eyepieces. Biological microscopes provide clear image, wide field and convenience operation.These biological microscopes are widely used for various industrial and laboratory use.

  • Biology medicine agriculture.
  • Industry area widely.
  • Medical treatment.
  • Teaching demonstration.
  • Scientific research.

Wide field eyepiece WF10X(u20mm)  
achromatic PL4X/0.10 W.D.17.9mm PL4X/0.10 W.D.17.9mm
objectives PL10X/0.25 W.D.8.8mm PL10X/0.25 W.D.8.8mm
PL40X/0.65 (Spring)W.D.0.56mm PL20X/0.40 W.D.8.22mm
PL 100X/1.25 (Spring, oil)W.D.0.33mm PL40X/0.65 (Spring)W.D.0.56mm
PL 100X/1.25 (Spring, oil) W.D.0.33mm
Main body Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with
tension adjustable and limit stopper,
minimum division of fine focusing: 2µm
Binocular 360° rotatable stage(inclination of 30°)
nose piece Quadruple- Backward ball bearing inner Quintuple- Backward ball bearing inner
locating locating
Base 6V 20w, halogen lamp, adjustable brightness
Collector For illumination with halogen lamp With field
Stage Mechanism
stage,Size210mmX140mm, moving
Abbey condenser N.A. 1.25 Rack & pinion adjustable
Filter Ground glass & Blue Filter


Inverted Microscopes

Inverted Microscopes

MVP-17 series metallurgical microscope is used for identification and analysis of the structures of the structures of different metals and alloys. Inverted microscope is an important instrument for researching metallographic in metal physics. Inverted microscope can be used learning for molding, smelting, heat treatment examination and scientific research, colleges and factory. Inverted Microscopes and Inverted Biological Microscopes have various useful models.

MVP-17 series
>> MVP-17A
>> MVP-17B
>> MVP-17AT
>> MVP-17BT

Wide field WF10X(u18mm)
Plan PL 10X/0.25 W.D.8.80mm 10X/0.25 W.D.6.61mm
Achromatic PL20X/0.40 W.D.8.60mm 20X/0.40 W.D.1.85mm
Objectives PL40X/0.60 (Spring)W.D.3.73mm SP40X/0.65 W.D.0.55mm
PL 100X/1.25 (Spring, 100X/1.25 (Spring)W.D.0.19mm
Main body Coaxial coarse/fine focus system,
with tension adjustable and limit
stopper, minimum division of fine
focusing: 2µm
Trinocular 360° rotatable (inclination of 30°)
Nosepiece Quadruple- ball bearing inner locating
Stage Mechanism
stage,Size1 80mmX150mm,moving
range: 15mmX15mm
Abbey N.A.1.25 Rack & pinion adjustable
Filter Ground glass & Blue filter
Lamp House 6V 20W, halogen lamp, adjustable brightness


Fluorescent Microscopes

Fluorescent Microscopes

Fluorescence Microscope composed with inverted microscope and reflected fluorescence microscope is equipped with long working distances and plan achromatic objectives and wide field eyepieces.

Observe the living cell and tissue, liquid and deposits etc, also to observe transparent living without staining and fluorescence slice up, fluorescent microscope is the ideal instrument for researching in biology, cells cytology, oncology, genetics, and immunology. The fluorescent microscope can be used for scientific researching, medical treatment, epidemic prevention and animal husbandry.

Wide Field Eyepiece WF10X(u18mm) Centering telescope
Long Working Distance Plan PL L 10X/0.25 W.D.:8.80mm ,PL L25X/0.40 W.D.:4.78mm ,
Achromatic Objectives PLL40X/0.60 (Spring)W.D.:mm3.32
Very Long Working Distance Plan PL L 10X/0.25 PHP2 W.D.:8.80mm, PL L25X/0.40 PHP2 W.D.:4.78mm
Achromatic Phase Contrast PLL40X/0.60PHP2 W.D.:3.32mm
Main Body Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tension adjustable and limit stopper,
Minimum division of fine focusing: 2µm
Trinocular (inclination of 30°) 100% light for photography capable
Nosepiece Quintuple - Backward ball bearing inner locating
Base 6V20w halogen lamp, adjustable brightness
Collector For illumination with halogen lamp With field diaphragm
Stage The movement mechanism of stage can be takeout, the stage size:
208mmX224mm, moving range: 79mmX112mm
Condenser 6V 30W For illumination with halogen lamp With field diaphragm
Filter Ground glass, Blue filter & Green Filter
Phase Contrast Unit Turn-plate phase contrast unit, Centering telescope
Very long working distance condenser
Shelf of specimen Match to install u68mm or 77mmX33mm culture utensil
Match to install u68mm or 77mmX28mm culture utensil
Match to install 80mmX56mm culture utensil

Reflected Fluorescent Unit :
  • Mercury lamp house : 100W/DC
  • Lamp house : AC 110V or 220V
  • Blue Exaction System : Exaction wavelength : 420~485mm
  • Green Exaction System : Exaction wavelength : 460~550mm
  • Ultraviolet Exaction System : Exaction wavelength : 330~400mm
  • Violet Exaction System : Exaction wavelength : 395~415mm.


Gem Microscope

Gem Micoscope

We Offered gem microscopes with best of material, superb optics with momolayer coating to reduce internal reflection, thus ensuring high quality image free for aberrations.

Model Specification
Gem Microscope
Viewing Body: Trinocular Body;
Eyepiece: WF10X/20mm;
Zoom Objectives: 7X~45X, Interpupillary Adjusting Range: 55~75mm;
Gem Clamp of Steel Wire; 8W Fluorescent Gem Lamp (6000K);
Arm inclined 0¡ã~45¡ã, adjusting the high and angle of observing point, much more convenient and comfort in operation;
Transmission Lamp-house: 12V 30W;
Side Lamp-house: Luminescent Fiber;
Dark field Condenser, Changeable Diaphragm: ø2~ ø42mm;

{short description of image}

Polarized Microscopes

Polarized Microscopes

MVP-PL1350 polarization microscopes are utilized polarize light to observe and Research the polarize characteristic of the matter which have the double refraction.

It can be observe the fine frame of the biochemistry salt crystal that the fine Frame can't be observed for nature light.

Medical inspection, frame detail of the nerve fiber, the animal muscle, the plant fiber and the crystal of the tooth, bone, hair and alive cell.

Wide Field Eyepiece WF10X(u18mm)
Achromatic 4X/0.10 W.D.:37.38mm SP4X/0.10 W.D.:23.13mm
Objectives 10X/0.25 W.D.:6.61mm SP 10X/0.25 W.D.:4.09mm
  40X/0.65 (Spring) W.D.:0.64mm SP 40X/0.65 (Spring)W.D.:0.60mm
  100X/1.25 (Spring, oil)W.D.:0.19mm SP100X/1.25 (Spring, oil)W.D.:0.38mm
Main Body Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with
  tension adjustable and limit stopper,
  minimum division of fine focusing: 2µm
Binocular 360°rotatable stage(inclination of 30°)
Nosepiece Quadruple- Backward ball bearing inner
Base 6V20w, halogen lamp, adjustable
Collector For illumination with halogen lamp With field
Stage 360° rotatable stage, size: |u120mm
Abbey Condenser N.A.1.25 Rack & pinion adjustable
Polarizer 360° rotatable stage
Analyzer Sliding


Reflected Microscopes

Reflected Microscopes

MVP-XJL-201 series the Reflected Metallurgical Microscope is suitable to observe the microscopical surfaces of non-transparent object. It is equipped with large move range mechanical stage, vertical illumination and polarizer device It provides clear and high-contrast picture.

Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tension adjustable and limit stopper, minimum division of fine focusing: 2 micrometer.

Trinocular is compensation, can switch to observe normally or to observe the polarize, can send 100% of light to top photography port, digital & video camera and CCD adapter can be chosen.

Use : Research work, Metallography, Mineralogy, Precision Engineering, Electronics, Teaching demonstration in the colleges and factory.

Item Name Reflected Microscope
Item Code MVP-XJL-201


Stereo Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes

XTL series zoom stereo microscope is a kind of binocular stereo microscopes, which can magnify micro objects continually and show clear stereo up-right picture. It can be used for observation studies in medical and health, farming and forestry, as well as public security departments, school and scientific research institutes, and is also used for inspections, assembling and repair of tiny precision spare parts in electronics and precision machine industries.

  • Objective zoom range 0.7X to 4.2X
  • The binocular observation tube is inclined to 45 and than it can be rotated 360. The interpupillary distance is adjustable, adjustable range from 55mm to 75mm;
    The left & right observation tube is diopter adjustment.
  • Many type illuminations can be choosed.
  • Many models avail.
  • Trinocular with its 0.5 X CCD adapter.

Accessories and Specification :

Model--> XTL-1A XTL-1B XTL-2 XTL-2A XTL-3 XTL-3A
Module & Spec            
Body type Column type Column type Arm type Column type Arm ype
LED Illumination   Reflected light (12V10W halogen lamp with reflec-tor cup) Reflected light (12V10Whalogen lamp with reflector cup)and transmitted
Eyepieces WF10X(Field 20mm)
Objectives Zoom rage:0.7X ~ 4.2X
Total magnification 7X ~ 42X
Workiing distance 90mm
Trinocular model is addition:T,for example XTL-1AT


Video Microscopes

Video Microscopes

Description :
CT-2210USB video microscope consists of optical microscope, CCD camera, and LCD display. A clear picture of tiny object could be seen with the microscope, then, such picture would be grabbed and turned into video signal by the camera, and then, the video signal would turn into a digital colorful picture of high resolution on the LCD display. The digital picture can be zoomed in/out to the ideal size for watching. And it can also be sent via the USB2.0 access to a computer for picture-grapping, saving, printing, and even partial photographing. There are lights up and down, so it is convenient to observe. The zoom switch 10* and 100* to choose.

CTBRAND Video Microscope with Lights Up and Down Can Connect to the Computer (10* and 100*) CT-2210USB


  • The zoom range : switch between 10* and 100* to choose.
  • There are lights up and down, be convenient to observe.
  • Pictures of the objects to be seen on the LCD display convenient for multi people watching.
  • Better working condition, less tiring, ergonomic, relive fatigue resulted out of long time working with traditional microscope.
  • All in one design, easy to operate, space saving.
  • Step less zoom in/out.
  • With scale graduation for measuring and orientation reference.
  • Easy to fix, just fix the machine to a working table.
  • Equipment with extra illumination for better imaging.
  • Can be connected to computer via the USB2.0 access
  • Suitable for the 100V to 240V range.

Estimated Weight = 8.8 kg


Digital USB Microscopes


Digital USB Microscopes

We are engaged in offering high quality of Digital USB Microscopes.

  • High speed USB 2 0 interface.
  • Wide ranges of adjustable magnification from 10X to 200X.
  • • Viewing and capture the magnified image of your specimens right on your computer screen with VGA (640x480) or SXGA (1280x1024) resolution
  • Active pixel technology for sharp image and accurate color reproduction.
  • The build-in 6 White-light LED and adjustable illumination ensure the magnified images are clear and bright.
  • Auto exposure, auto gain control and auto white balance for optimum image.
  • Software controllable parameters (resolution, color, brightness, saturation).
  • High quality lens for true to life undistorted color image.
  • Bus Dowered with low cower consumption - ideal for portable equipment.
Image Sensor 1/4' Color CMOS image sensor
Effective Pixels. 1230 (H)x 1024 (V) pixels
Signal Output: Serial data for USB standard compliant 2 0
Light Control Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
Magnification 10X-200X
Snap Shot Mode Hardware controllable
Power Source 5VDC, 110mA (AVG) through USB port
O/S: Windows XP SP2 and VISTA

System Requirement
  • Pentium 4 Class CPU
  • 128 MB of system RAM
  • One USB 2.0 port or above
  • VGA system with at least 16bit color support
  • UVC: Windows XP SP2 or above
Home: Examine head scalp: teeth, or see the skin condition.

Education: Educational & scientific purpose as an electronic microscope. Students and teachers can observe objects, materials and insects on monitor immediately with 10-200 magnification in practice class.